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#BiebsMeetAly represents Hope & Courage

It amazes me to see so many join the #BiebsMeetAly campaign which started when a brave young lady battling cancer stated a wish to a few friends, one being my daughter:)  Her friends immediately began to brainstorm on how they could make this wish come true.  You might have guessed it, she wished to meet Justin Bieber which is where #BiebsMeetAly comes in.  One tweet lead to thousands, which led to local Wisconsin celebrities like Donald Driver joining in to help make this Christmas Wish come true.  After learning that Justin Beiber will be on The Ellen Degeneres Show next week, the #BiebsMeetAly camapaign got kicked into high gear.  WKOW Channel 27 also jumped in to help and invited the girls to their television station to help spread the word to the local Madison community.  Thank you to all that have tweeted #BiebsMeetAly or posted on their #BiebsMeetAly Facebook Wall.  It amazes me what a simple tweet can do; give hope, admire courage, showcase what a community can do to help another’s dream come true.