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Who says you need a pool full of water to make this swimmers senior pictures rock!

She loves to swim.  She brought her goggles and suit to the photoshoot but we were not near a pool.  No worries, we found this awesome backdrop that was perfect even without the water. to reserve your senior portrait session for 2013.  608-215-0047.

Where to take your senior pictures?

KJay Photos, Photography in Madison WI soecializing in high school senior pictures.  So often we are asked “where should I take my senior pictures”?  No worries, we have suggestions but also always open to yours.  To help we have taken a few of last year’s senior pictures and grouped them together based on location.  This will not only help you define your senior picture style but also give you an idea on how your senior pictures will look.  This often helps with selecting clothing for the big senior picture day:)  To reserve your 2013 Senior Portrait Session contact or call 608-215-0047 and let us know which Senior Picture Board you like best (Park, Beach, Urban, Country). a brand new website we built just for high school seniors offering tips, information, package details and more.




































Touched up Photos

KJay Photos includes touch ups with all portrait packages purchased.  This editing time is incorporated into the package and allows you to choose your favorite photos that we took during your portrait session and our time playing with them in photoshop.  Here is a drastic example below showcasing that the original shot was taken in a cool setting, at dusk in the DeForest WI Football Stadium and they sky was unique but not as unique as photoshop allowed us to make it.

When we play with your favorite photos in photoshop we save everything we like and make all of those edited variations available to you in addition to the untouched photographs as well.  For more information about KJay Photos, Professional Photography in Madison WI contact or visit   Now reserving 2013 High School Senior Picture sessions.  Hurry June is booking up with the discounts we are extending for those appointments in May and June.

Monona WI High School Photography… specializing in Senior Pictures

Meet Sara from Monona, WI. Senior pictures that rock on and off the volleyball court! Sara is a Monona Grove high school student that loves school and volleyball. I think we captured that in her senior pictures.

2013 Monona Grove High School Senior Portrait Rep.

KJAY Photos, Photography in Madison, WI is now on Google+

Join the fun!  Have you heard of Google+?  We at KJay Photography have found that this will be a very helpful platform to work even more closely with our clients.  If you are on Google+ join our circle and we can hangout before your portrait session to discuss what you will be wearing and go over the details of your professional portrait package with more details from the convenience of your home.

See you on Google+ here.


Professional Portrait Photography, Madison WI

KJay Photography, Madison WI, offers professional portrait photography serving Madison, WI.

We can bring the studio to your business and photograph your employees or you can send your employees to our photography studio.  We then take your employee’s favorite headshots and touch them up included in our professional portrait photography services.  To read more about our Professional Portrait Photography packages visit KJay Photos website or call KJay Photography at 608-215-0047.  Email

Photos books, Personalized Portrait DVDs, Graduation Announcements & Banners

Working on senior professional portrait DVDs and portrait picture books for my 2012 grads. Custom portrait DVD’s using their favorite senior pictures with their favorite songs, graduation announcements and graduation banners!  Save time by having K Jay Photos help you get ready for the party by putting their childhood snapshots into a personalized book and/or DVD.  Contact for more information.

Want something different. After all, you are one of a kind!

Often our seniors say they want something different.  We get seniors that travel from as far as Elgin, IL, Marinette WI, Wausau, Jefferson, Pardeeville, New Glarus, Belleville, Lake Mills, Wautoma, and Sauk City, WI to just name a few.  They all state that they wanted something different than their friends.  We usually ask people to send us their ideas before hand so we can brainstorm on ideas that totally personalize their high school senior pictures.  Comments we get afterwards like “Cool, Unique, Awesome, Unbelievable” then make our day!  We have found that your input and ideas will help us create a one of a kind vision so that nobody else at your school will have senior pictures just like you:)  Now reserving 2014 Senior Portrait Sessions.   608-850-4850.

Some of my favorite 2012 Senior Pictures

Summer equals Fun outside…  For me it means Fun Outdoor Senior Pictures!

It is always so much fun photographing high school seniors.  Pictures that I know they will treasure for a life time.  Capturing them and often them doing something they have loved their entire childhood.  It is so much fun to see them get as excited about my senior portraits as I am.  Hoping to bring a tear to parents when they get their first set of senior pictures mailed to them.  I hope that the experience I offer is enjoyed as much as the senior portraits.  Let’s face it, it is not like the senior pictures that many parents grew up knowing.  So adding to the experience of the senior portrait session is so important to K Jay Photos.  Watching them walk away smiling and so often hearing seniors state “that was fun!”  Even the ones that were not looking forward to having their senior pictures taken.  That’s our goal.  Quality seniors and a fun experience.  I hope you enjoy some of our favorites also shown here:

Newborn Portraits. Treasure their little hands and feet.

K Jay Photography, Madison, specializes in newborn portraits capturing their little hands and feet in precious newborn portraits to cherish a lifetime.

  • We have several unique newborn hats, props to use in your newborn portraits.
  • We like to create a plan before your baby is even born, have you send a picture of your nursery and then contact us right after delivery.  An ideal time to photograph your newborn baby is within the first week.  After two weeks of age it becomes more difficult to capture the precious sleeping baby pictures that so many new parents treasure.
  • We encourage parents to bring along things that have meaning (a favorite blanket or blanket that the grandmother knitted or a baby bracelet, something that has meaning).   We have plenty of things though so do not feel like you need to bring anything.

What to expect during your newborn portrait session.  

  • We will touch base with you a day or two before the newborn photo shoot.

    K Jay Photos

    KJay Photos, Madison WI, newborn photographer. Newborn Portraits.

  • Recap some of the props we will use, set the exact time which often is based on the babies schedule and ask you to bring the baby hungry.
  • Before we begin photographing your newborn, we will dress the baby for their first round of pictures before they eat.  Then when they are deep asleep we will begin photographing the baby, changing the props, backgrounds and hats/accessories as often as the little one will allow us:)
  • We usually end with family photos and the baby in your arms for final shots with Mom and Dad if you desire.   Our black background is very popular for this newborn portrait.  Plan on dressing in either black or white as then your family portraits can easily be turned into beautiful black and white newborn pictures.  Also, dress light as the environment we photograph your newborn in is very toasty which helps the baby sleep especially during Wisconsin winters:)
  • Your portraits will be uploaded within a few days to a private password protected personal webpage for you to share with family and friends.  You can order high quality prints from this page at very affordable pricing and download your favorite pictures to save for years to come.
When to reserve your newborn portrait session?
  • Before you go to delivery so we can let you know what our schedule looks like and plan on your estimated arrival date.
Custom Newborn Announcements.
  • We will utilize your favorite baby pictures and create a newborn announcement for you for free.   They can then be ordered online for $1.25/each which includes a 4×8 custom birth announcement and envelope.  They take approximately 3-5 days to print and ship to your home address.

What to wear for your senior pictures.

Be yourself.  Dress comfortable for some shots and maybe bring the suit or prom dress for a more formal shot that Grandparents will enjoy.  We do not charge extra for change of clothing, so bring as many different outfits as you desire and we can help you pick out the best options for you.  Wear colors that compliment your skin tone, eye color and hair.  Avoid loud patterns when possible as we want the focus to be on you not your clothes in most cases, except for of course those more formal shots.  For more tips on what to wear to your K Jay Photography senior portrait session, click here.

Family Portrait with everyone in it!

This can be a challenging task since everyone does not always live in the same town, have the same schedule or be available at the same time.  K Jay Photography offers a solution for the busy family in need of an extended family portrait.  Large family group portraits are now available, where we can photograph each family at a different time or even a different date!  That’s right, look at this four family portrait where each of the four families were photographed at a different time!  No kidding!  More large family portrait information, click here

Covered bridge

We recently photographed the covered bridge, often used as a backdrop for family portraits and seniors pictures, after the last snow fall here in Madison, Wisconsin.  A beautiful setting and offering prints to anyone interested in purchasing this print to hang on their wall or for greeting cards. 

Senior Picture tips

Getting your senior pictures taken is an exciting time!  We try to capture your entire childhood into one portrait session leaving you with priceless senior pictures to share with family and friends and cherish forever.  We guarantee that you will look back at your senior pictures someday and say “dang, I looked good!”   K Jay Photography, Madison WI, specializes in fun, creative senior pictures and have created some helpful tips for you to read that will offer information on what to wear in your senior pictures, where we will be taking your senior pictures, helpful make up and hair tips, where to shop and much more.  Visit our NEW senior picture website, just for seniors and watch for more updates to be posted as we get closer to our senior picture season to start.

We look forward to working with you in the coming months.  If you have not already done so, reserve your senior portrait session today to guarantee availability, 608-850-4850 or visit