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Professional Photography

Professional headshot photography studio. Business portrait photographer.

How a professional photo helps with business.

WI professional headshot photographer. Beautiful portraits, fast and fun. K Jay Photos Photography studio.

Professional photos help you look your best. By having a professional business headshot taken, with studio lighting, it helps your business portrait stand out from your competition. A professional photo helps your customer make a personal connection with you. This business portrait, helps with those that are considering working with you or your business.

Having a photo displayed online is your first impression. The first thing that people will find when considering to do business with you. A business headshot will help them connect with you, understanding that you are a real person and help build trust.

What makes a great professional business headshot?

Hiring a photographer that understands lighting to help you look your best. Prepping yourself for the session, fresh haircut or professional make up before your photography session can help you feeling your best. Hiring a skilled photographer can help you relax, especially those that do not enjoy a photography session. K Jay Photos offers a fun and quick portrait photography session for your professional headshot needs. Understanding that tasteful editing, helps you look your best, but not to over do it to make you look less like you actually do. Here are a few professional headshot examples for you to consider.

What to wear to your professional business photography session?

Wear colors that compliment your skin tone and eye color for example. Letting the photographer know what you will be wearing in advance also assists the professional in choosing the right theme or background. Wear clothing that is flattering, not to big or to loose. If you have glasses, when professional photography studio lighting is involved, it is best to have an extra pair with the lens’s removed ahead of time. This can be done by most eyewear businesses little to no charge. This will assure you that your photography session will not be slowed down due to glare issues in your eyeglasses. Ladies, consider having your make up and or hair done professionally before your session. Looking your best is important. Remember, the best thing you can wear is a confident friendly smile.